Do something new – learn a simple skill for life!

Fastaid will deliver a course at your location for FREE*

Heartstart UK schemes are groups that provide a free two hour Emergency Life Support (ELS) training course within the community. The course is very practical and hands-on and you learn as part of a small group, a certificate of attendance is presented on completion.

Emergency Life Support

The skills of emergency life support (ELS) are simple and can save lives. ELS is the set of actions needed to help keep someone alive until professional help arrives.  They  include performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dealing with choking and serious bleeding, and helping someone who may be having a heart attack.

Why it’s important

  • Every year 146,000 people suffer a heart attack
  • Every six minutes someone dies from a heart attack
  • About 80% of heart attacks happen in the community

Simple skills save lives

If you are interested in taking part in an ELS training course, you can contact us by emailing us at heartstart@fastaid.org.uk

*As a registered charity we rely on donations for all our funding, as the Heartstart course is free please consider a donation to Fastaid