Useful Information

Useful Information

We have posted information we hope you will find useful - updated regularly so please pop back.


If you are caught using/texting/holding a mobile whilst driving then expect £100 fine and penalty points!

If you are involved in an accident using/texting/holding a mobile and someone is injured expect jail!!


Have a go at London Fire Brigades Guess the cause of these fires – Click Here


If you don’t wear seat belts guess where your head ends up in a crash!


Find out more about Carbon Monoxide – Click Here


Take a look at this photo – If it takes you longer than 2 seconds to spot the on coming motorbike and you were turning right, you would have hit them!


Like it says – visit our Heartstart page to find out how

Think you can ride a bike?

So think anyone can ride a bike, think you can ride a bike. Of course we do, we all learnt to ride when we were young. How about riding on busy roads – Islands, traffic lights etc – a different story. Why dont you brush up on your cycling skills with Bike Right. Bike Right can provide cycle training to any level and its FREE, can be carried out in your own time and its fun.

For more information about Bike Right click here.


Did you know fire can destroy a tent in 60 seconds!

BBQ’s produce Carbon Monoxide in confinded spaces like tents (even the small throw away type) even if they are cooling down – THIS WILL KILL!

On average over 500 fires start in caravans each year

Over 49,000 fires start on grassland each year

Fire safety doesn’t stop when you leave your home – please stay safe this summer

Not everyone that gets hit by a drunk driver dies

Warning – this is meant to shock! – Click here