FastAid launched its ‘Shocking appeal’ in early 2015. This was a specific fund raising project, the aim being to raise £30,000 to enable all of the existing defibrillators to be replaced with the latest models. Some dated from the time of FastAid’s formation in 2005. The time frame was expected to be five years.

The story was carried by BBC Midlands news in January 2015 and FastAid followed that with a series of press releases and letters to local clubs and community groups. The response was immediate. Organisations such as The Lions, Rotary, Round Table and The Freemasons recognised the value of FastAid and its fundraising effort with very generous support. Charitable trust funds, Touchwood Solihull and Birmingham City Council responded. Local church groups and communities set about raising money and individuals donated in memory of loved ones and through our web pages. FastAid held a fund raising ball which friends, members and local businesses supported. We were able to add to the total with gift aid and matched funding. We were also able to sell off some of our now redundant defibrillators to boost the income.

By March 2016, every CFR carried a new defibrillators and each of our five operating areas had an additional one with 3 lead ECG capability, increasing our capacity for the delivery of good patient care where cardiac problems are suspected.