Two newly recruited CFRs had a shockingly successful first shift this weekend.

Fastaid Birmingham and Solihull CFRs Lizzie Hobday and Sarah Wilson teamed up for their first shift at the weekend and ended upsaving a man’s life. Sarah said: “Sunday morning we were first on scene to a man in cardiac arrest in his bathroom. Despite not much room, our training kicked in. We started CPR, established an airway and put the AED pads on before the crew arrived.” Lizzie added: “I remembered our CRM Andy Jeynes say that ‘cardiac arrests are the bread and butter for CFRs’ but we didn’t bargain for one on day one. When the crew told us the man had a cardiac output, we were over the moon. Thanks to the crew for their help and support!”

Richard Jay, Chairman of FastAid Solihull & Birmingham said: “What an achievement! Lizzie and Sarah, along with other CFRs, began their training in June and have worked hard ever since. It’s a great outcome!”