A Solihull CFR, who is also a crime fighter, featured in a summer ‘Behind the Badge’ campaign by West Midlands Police. Inspired by The Beatles’ ‘Sergeant Pepper’ album, West Midlands Police created a pictorial montage of staff and members of the public who go the extra mile. Every day in August, @wmpolice showed followers a different person on Twitter. On August 29th it was PCSO and FastAid CFR David Monk’s turn to shine.

David, who became a CFR ten years ago after the death of his father inspired him to help save lives, has been a PCSO for over a year. He said: “Both roles allow me to make a difference to people’s lives at their lowest hour, protecting the vulnerable from harm, giving advice to deter them from being taken advantage of as well as dealing with those that choose to take advantage of them. There is nothing more rewarding than saving someone’s life through your own intervention.”

To see ‘Behind the Badge’, visit http://www.westmidlands.police.uk/keeping-you-safe