CFR Dave Monk from Fastaid, Birmingham and Solihull suddenly found himself in a life saving situation seconds after he completed the Birmingham & Black Country Half Marathon. Shortly after Dave received his finishers medal he heard “Any first aiders nearby?”.

Dave automatically offered help, somewhat exhausted after running a very hot half marathon which finished in Brindley Place Birmingham. He was presented with a 59yr male from Wolverhampton and Bilston Running Club who was hyper ventilating and had some discomfort in his chest. Dave, a CFR of over 9 years with WMAS was concerned with the symptoms.

Dave quickly established through further questioning of the symptoms that the patient was most likely to be having an MI and that it is was not simply post race muscular discomfort!! An ambulance was duly called and Dave stayed with the patient whilst the Private Medical Event Team came over. Dave asked them to do an ECG, BM and BP etc where it confirmed it was indeed a STEMI.

The patient was quickly taken to hospital on blue lights where it has been established that he had a stent fitted and another arterial blockage was established for which further treatment is required.

Dave said “As a CFR, you can’t just book on and off when you like, you feel you always have to be on duty, always ready to jump into action when the need arises, I am so thankful that this was one of those occasions when intervention possibly saved a life and it was great to hear from the patient a few days later to confirm he was ok”